Fall 2018 Tau Times

Alpha Phi Omega Fall 2018 Newsletter written by Yilin Shao

Tau Times October 2017 Issue

The October issue of Tau Times written by the amazing Summer Jarro!! Tau Times October Issue

Spring 2015 Executive Board

President: Chase Wheaton apotaupresident@gmail.com Service Vice President: Kara Sharp apotauservice@gmail.com Membership Vice-Presidents: Bobby Lester & Vanesa Ucelo apotaumvp@gmail.com Pledgemaster:  Kevin... Continue reading →

Spring 2014 Executive Board

President: Talhah Siraj tzs@ufl.edu Service Vice President: Chase Wheaton apotauservice@gmail.com Membership Vice-President: Jenna Ksaibati & Katie Nelson apotaumvp@gmail.com Pledgemaster: Allison... Continue reading →

Fall 2013 E-Board

President: Talhah Siraj president@apotau.org Service Vice President: Lindsey Backman servicevp@apotau.org Membership Vice-President: Patryk Więch & Chase Wheaton membervp@apotau.org Pledgemaster: Katie... Continue reading →