Organization Testimonials

Alpha Phi Omega has a huge impact on the organizations we volunteer for and serve. We really do make a positive difference in the community! Here’s what some of those organizations had to say about their experiences working with the Brothers of APO Tau:


“APO has been an extremely valuable asset to the Salvation Army Homework Club. The brothers have been incredibly comfortable with assisting our kids, and the kids are always comfortable and happy with APO volunteers. We’ve seen great strides in the academic success of our youth due to the service of APO and, impressively, children excited to return to Homework Club and reunite with their APO volunteers!”–  Tabre Watson of the Salvation Army Homework Club

“Alpha Phi Omega has been a part of the HarborChase family going on 2 years now and we are so thankful for their continued care and love for our residents. They truly look forward to their visits and excellent game skills! Having the Alpha Phi Omega group as a part of our weekly events there is always going to be a smile on our resident’s faces!” -Sarah Zaffran, Director of Life Enrichment at HarborChase of Gainesville


The Alachua County Humane Society has loved working with the members of Alpha Phi Omega! They have been reliable, professional and always willing to help out wherever it is needed. We appreciate their hard work and dedication to our animals and hope that our partnership with APO will continue far into the future.” – Kim Huebner Volunteer Coordinator, Alachua County Humane Society