Bridge in Nicaragua that we helped fund with Project Schoolhouse
Bridge in Nicaragua that we helped fund with Project Schoolhouse

Alpha Phi Omega Tau Chapter not only serves the campus of the University of Florida and the wider Gainesville community through our weekly service program, but also serves the nation or even the world by way of our Philanthropy Program. Each semester, the Philanthropy Chairs select a national or international organization or cause to raise money for throughout the semester. A check is presented to the organization at the end of the semester from our chapter. In Fall 2012, we raised over $2,500 for Susan G. Komen for the Cure and in Spring 2013, over $3,000 was raised for the American Cancer Society through various fundraising projects and other initiatives including Relay for Life. In Fall 2016, we raised over $4,000 for Project Schoolhouse!

Every semester, the brothers of Alpha Phi Omega Tau chapter chooses an organization that best reflects the three core pillars of the chapter: leadership, friendship and service. The organization that is believed to best represent those three ideals this semester is Days for Girls. Days for Girls is an international nonprofit known for working to ensure equal access to sanitary products for every woman, everywhere, as well as promoting educational excellence throughout the world. The Alachua county chapter of Days for Girls is one of the highest producing chapters (in terms of menstrual kits produced). However, this is not possible without the help of volunteers and the community.

Tau hopes to support Days for Girls through multiple mediums. To start, we have implemented a weekly service held on Tuesdays where brothers dedicate their time and energy to create the menstrual kits. In addition to this, we hope to develop awareness for the Days for Girls cause through outreach efforts throughout the community. Flyering is one form of this, with another being the organization of collection sites for donations. Donations can be collected in the form of money or materials (soap, underwear, gallon bags, washcloths). These materials are used to create the menstrual kits. These opportunities not only makes Days for Girls a flexible philanthropy project but also allows anyone to contribute to the success of this incredible organization.

To contact our Philanthropy Chairs, email