Tau Chapter Alumni Association

Calling all Alumni! You’re invited to join the newly-formed Tau Chapter Alumni Association of Alpha Phi Omega! For just five bucks a year, you can get back in touch with chapter, support students, help us build chapter’s history, and more!

Membership Form: https://forms.gle/6UHtfB6DSJkSubeU9
Included in this form are payment instructions.

Want to learn more about the Tau Chapter Alumni Association? Want to help provide long-term support to the chapter and students? Contact Apo.Tau.Alumni.Association@gmail.com.

Where are we?

Members of the Alumni Association span the country. The map below outlines where our members are making an impact.

Are you already a member of the Alumni Association and want to update your location? Email the Association President.


Membership Benefits



Association Leadership

 The following alumni, advisers, and students are helping to build the Alumni Association:

  • Michael Todd, PC Epsilon Phi (Spring 2015) – Interim President
  • Dr. Douglas Dankel, Chapter Adviser – Founding Board Member
  • Sam Sullivan, Chapter Adviser & PC Gamma Iota #21 (Spring 1985) – Founding Board Member
  • Sabrina Fonseca, PC Epsilon Omega (Fall 2016) – Chapter President & Student Representative
  • Eric Mulligan, PC Epsilon Tau (Fall 2014)
  • Evan Robins, PC Epsilon Phi (Spring 2015)
  • Phil Varona, Transfer (Fall 2000)
  • David ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald, PC #12A (Spring 1981)

For more information, contact the Alumni Association at Apo.Tau.Alumni.Association@gmail.com