Project Liaisons

Helpful Tips for the Project Liaison/Brothers:
  1. Write first and last name of brothers and pledges.
  2. Email the list of names and the hours to the SVP as soon as possible.
  3. Make sure brothers who leave early or stay longer let you know, so you can write down the right hours.
  4. If you want to guarantee that you did not miss anyone, get everyone’s names down before the project starts, then check the list again right before the project ends.
  5. If there are pledges, check for their pledge pins.
  6. Brothers: Verbally let the liaison know that you are there, it makes it less likely that they will miss you.
  7. If hours don’t get turned in you don’t get hours. Be sure to email the SVP!
  8. Make sure you include half of your total travel time into service hours. So if it took an hour to drive to and from service, then a half hour of service will be added.
  9. Remember, as the project liaison it is not just your responsibility to write down names. You are there to make sure brothers and pledges are representing Alpha Phi Omega positively, especially if the SVP is not at the project.